When you're choosing to make upgrades to your home, what factors do you take into consideration? Are you looking for home improvement projects that would enhance the functionality of your home or ones that could upgrade your curb appeal? What if you could choose a single home improvement project that could accomplish both of these?

Well, now you can. In this blog, we'll discuss why you should consider replacing your home's stone or shake siding. But before we do that, we thought you might want to know more about us.

Since 1958, Midwest Construction has been a professional exterior remodeling company offering siding replacement in Iowa. We're proud to be known as the local favorite, working with our customers to create tailored solutions built around their needs. Over the years, we've even earned awards and accolades that include an A+ rating from the BBB, affiliation with the Vinyl Siding Institute, and so much more.

Stone Siding

Stone siding, such as Tando Stone Siding, provides a timeless and elegant look that adds sophistication to any home. It mimics the appearance of natural stone but offers the benefits of lightweight materials, easier installation, and lower maintenance. With a wide range of colors and styles available, you can customize your stone siding to complement your home's architecture and personal style.

Shake Siding

Shake siding offers a rustic and charming aesthetic that adds warmth and character to your home. It replicates the look of cedar shakes but is crafted from durable materials that resist rot, decay, and insect damage. With its authentic wood grain texture and realistic appearance, shake siding enhances the curb appeal of your home while requiring minimal upkeep.

Investing in stone and shake siding can provide a significant return on investment by increasing your home's resale value and improving its energy efficiency.

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