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Some homeowners may not consider replacing their windows unless they have severe damage, like a cracked or shattered pain. However, there are less obvious signs that will suggest to savvy homeowners that it’s time to replace their windows, including:

  • Feeling warm or cool spots. Whether it’s a wintery draft or humid, summer air entering your home, this could suggest cracks or holes around your window that could increase your energy waste and make your home’s climate less comfortable. To quickly test your windows, hold a lit candle in front of your window. If the candle flickers, it means air is passing through.
  • The paint is peeling on the exterior of the house. This could mean the wood around your windows is decaying. You can check the softness of the wood by pressing the head of a flathead screwdriver against it and seeing if it passes through.
  • Your windows stick. Do your windows open smoothly? Do you need to prop them open to keep them from slamming? This could mean either an obstructed stile preventing the sashes from sliding normally, or a lack of sash traction. Also, depending on the season, this could also indicate ice and frost damage.
  • Lots of outside noise. You shouldn’t have to plug your ears to cancel out the neighbor’s backyard barbecue. Your windows should do that for you but, if they’re not, you may consider replacement windows with a thicker pane that form an air-tight seal.

There are a lot of signs to watch for when considering replacement windows, but they are vital to managing your indoor climate, energy costs, and avoiding long-term maintenance issues, such as replacing rotted sills or casings. Our experienced Midwest Construction installers have completed hundreds of window replacements and have the knowledge to help you decide if it’s time to replace your windows.

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It’s not just your domain; it’s a peaceful haven to share memories and build families. Let our experienced replacement window installers deliver your peace-of-mind by helping you avoid window maintenance costs and energy waste.

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