Siding Replacement in Iowa

Siding is one of the most important exterior elements of a home. Simultaneously offering protection from the elements, insulation value, and boosted curb appeal, it’s crucial that you keep yours in good condition. Sadly, many homeowners let their siding suffer, causing a range of problems with function and visual appeal. If it’s time to upgrade the siding on your residence, Midwest Construction is the reliable Central and North Iowa siding company you can call.

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Up to $660 Off New Siding

Use our Instant Cash Coupon and save $660 off Complete Siding Job Installed. All Colors Available. *Not valid with other offers or prior sales,* Must be over 1,000 Square Feet*

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Respected Siding Installers in Central Iowa

Midwest Construction has earned an impeccable reputation in the community. Most of that has come from our dedication to always providing top-notch quality. Our workmanship is flawless, and the products we use are high-end. This ensures that every single one of our customers receives an installation they feel great about. We provide many valuable benefits during all of our installations, giving you peace of mind that you’re hiring the best.

Locally and Family-Owned


As a family-owned, local company, you can expect us to always put the needs of your own family first.

Qualified Installers

Affordable Pricing

We never try to gouge anyone. All of our siding installations are affordable for the average homeowner, ensuring that everyone can get the upgrade they need.

Top-Notch Brands

Skilled Installers

Every contractor on our team is fully licensed, insured, and trained for replacing siding.


Professional Siding Replacement Company

Midwest Construction began providing top-quality exterior remodeling services to homeowners in 1958. We have always been locally and family-owned with a deep respect for our loyal customers. As an A+ rated and accredited company by the Better Business Bureau, you can expect that we’ll always provide the best. We’re even certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute, giving you complete reassurance that we’re the professionals you need for your next siding project.

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Picturesque Replacement Siding for Central Iowa Homes

Over our multiple decades of experience, we have helped provide beautiful new siding to many homeowners. Check out some examples of our work in the past projects gallery.

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High-End Siding Services Near You

With an extensive service radius spanning Central Iowa, it’s highly likely that our company is available to work on your home. We’re available in the major metropolitan areas, as well as smaller rural towns, equipping homeowners with the quality window services they need. We are always seeking to expand and add new customers to our list, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more specific location details. Some of our main areas include:

  • Mason City
  • Grimes
  • Des Moines
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