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So your home was built in the late 1800s or early 1900s. It has character; it has Old World craftsmanship; it has multiple colors combined with several different wood types and materials. No doubt it’s beautiful when freshly painted, but give it 2 – 3 years and it starts to fade; 5 – 7 years, time to paint again. And when it comes time to paint, you might as well be signing a rental agreement because the minute those painting contractors leave is the minute your brand-new, expensive paint job will start to fade. Sure, it may take 5 – 10 years before you have to paint again, but at that point, you may as well have installed an insulated vinyl siding panel.

I know most of you homeowners out there in those old historic homes all over our great state of Iowa are saying to yourself, “Is that guy crazy?! No way would I have vinyl siding installed on my historic Colonial, Victorian, or Ornate Farm home!”

No, I am not crazy—but I do have a pleasant answer. Yes, you can repaint and repaint and repaint until the next homeowner moves in…or you can work with a top-notch exterior contractor who has actually transformed historic homes like yours using vinyl building products.

Midwest Construction has been nationally recognized for restoration with vinyl siding and vinyl building products. To see our impressive transformations of older homes, check out some of the historic restoration jobs done by Midwest Construction of Mason City and Grimes, Iowa.

Midwest Construction and Norandex Building Products, both the creators of American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding products, offer 4 siding profiles. The Double 4 and Triple 3 work perfect for historic restoration projects, and what’s more, they come insulated and covered by lifetime non-fade protection!

Our manufacturers also make all of the accessories needed to fully restore your home:

  • With 4 different shake profiles, scallops, rounds, and 21 colors to choose from, you can redesign your house into your dream home.
  • To replicate Old World styling, consider 6-inch fluted Colonial outside corners or a 3.5-inch outside corner post.
  • You can add the finishing touches by installing window and door surrounds or incorporating our beaded porch panel onto the walls and in your soffits—giving you a brand-new home at the same old address!

Midwest Construction has been involved with the Vinyl Siding Institute of America since becoming members in 1997.  We originally joined the VSI because this group was our only real advocate to promote the installation of vinyl building products. But additional benefits of becoming a VSI member are the professional training they have available for the installation of vinyl siding and building products.

What exactly is the VSI? Learn more by checking out the VSI for yourself.

If your historic home is ready for a transformation, then give Midwest Construction a call today! Serving all of Iowa with quality products and quality installations since 1958, Midwest Construction is your exterior home improvement experts.

Midwest Construction Reviews

The work crew was fantastic! Job well done! Everything was done right including clean up. The only negative of the entire project was the follow up by the sales personnel.