The Benefits of Installing Vinyl Replacement Windows

You moved into your first home. It was built in the 1950’s and was taken care of. The home had beautiful wood floors; beautiful woodwork throughout the home and around all of the windows and doors. This was the selling point for these first time home buyers. You moved into the home in the spring and noticed the wood windows were hard to operate and the storm windows were almost impossible to move up and down. This made cleaning the windows almost impossible. When winter hit, the windows had frost halfway up the sash and the window openings were cold and drafty.

There's no wrong season to install vinyl replacement windows on your home or property, in spite of what some people might think. Replacement windows can be installed by a professional in any month of the year and on any type of home or property.

Further, replacement windows come with a host of benefits for your home or business. While new vinyl windows are better than old and outdated wood models in most ways, they do more than just make your home beautiful by adding curb appeal.

So, if you'd like to know more about how replacement windows benefit your home, we've got you covered.

In this post, we'll outline many of the ways that vinyl replacement windows are better than wood windows, and we'll provide you with details on why you should replace your old wood windows today.

Extra Savings:

This might be a no-brainer, but replacement windows reduce energy consumption and waste, and they save you money. Energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows help you use less energy in both winter and summer, and they will reduce your heating and cooling bills by hundreds.

Home Beauty:

Your home's exterior beauty will benefit from replacement windows, and your interior will be brighter and cozier, both of which increase curb appeal. Plus, for those who are seeking to create a brand new indoor living space, adding a new replacement windows can alter an entirely redesigned room.


Older windows often have poorly constructed locking mechanisms, whereas replacement windows have been tested for forced-entry situations and have more sophisticated locks. This minor distinction can mean a big difference for how your home and family is protected. Can you say the same thing about your old windows?

Low Maintenance:

Replacement windows are virtually maintenance-free when compared to older wooden windows. When it is time to clean them, features like tilt-in sashes make cleaning replacement windows a snap. You can leave the ladder in the garage!

Sound Dampeners:

Those with old windows know how much sound penetrates the glass. It seems like you can hear conversations of people just walking down the street! With new vinyl replacement windows, you can count on a quiet and comfortable home during all seasons of the year, minus the extra outdoor noise that you don't need.

Insulation Properties:

Old wooden windows are heavy and often single glazed. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are much lighter and can be double and even triple glazed. This contrast in glaze means a world of difference in terms of how a window insulates a space.

Tough as Nails:

Natural wood is very attractive. But what natural wood doesn't have is the toughness of vinyl. Vinyl replacement windows are virtually scratch resistant and are easily cleaned when they get dirty. On the other hand, when wood is scratched, it is permanently marred. Nothing beats the durability of vinyl windows.

Options Galore:

Vinyl windows are perfect for those seeking alternate colors and styles. So, whether you are a fan of casement or double hung windows, or you want a punch of color where intensity is lacking, vinyl windows offer seemingly unlimited choices.

If you’re considering upgrading your old windows, vinyl replacement windows are a wonderful way to increase your home's value and add comfort.

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