Energy Efficient Triple Glaze Vinyl Replacement Windows – Tax Credits may be available soon. See link for the Inflation-Reduction Act. (See article below)

Why is Energy Efficient Windows important now more than ever!

For the last 25-30 years we have had stable energy costs and forgotten about the high cost of natural gas and electricity cost of the 1980’s.

In 1985 when Midwest Construction entered the replacement window business, it took our owner, Dad, two years to make a decision on whose window to sell.

After many trips to window factories and the third trip to Great Lakes Window in Toledo, Ohio, he made his decision.

The decision was based on quality window products coming off the line and the commitment to always have the most energy efficient window in our industry and to always be ahead of the curve.

When we sold windows back in the 1980’s, we could show the homeowners by using a good energy efficient double or triple glaze windows they could reduce the fuel consumption. It was easy to reduce the fuel consumption as the windows in homes at the time were single glaze glass with aluminum storm windows.

Today, 2022, we are replacing builder’s grade vinyl windows that barley meet Department of Energy specifications. Now that Energy Costs are on the Rise with no end in sight, it’s more important now than ever to conserve your homes energy.

Energy Tax Credits Available in 2023: See information here:

EcoSmart Custom Built Vinyl Replacement Windows will conserve your energy and keep your home more comfortable!

The biggest areas for heat loss in most homes are drafts within  the walls, windows and doors. It's typical for these spots to be less noticeable than you'd think they would be.

Just a single 1/8 inch gap under a standard 36-inch wide door will leak just as much cold and heat out as an almost 2.5 inch hole through a wall.

By replacing those old windows and doors you could reduce you energy cost by 20 – 25%

Our EcoSmart window and patio door products are individually hand crafted and custom made to specifically fit your home. We use state-of-the-art technology, modern equipment, and cutting edge operational techniques to give you the best, high-performing windows in the industry. With proven expertise in vinyl and glass technology, we not only bring you better views, but also peace of mind that lasts long into the future.

When your home is ready for exterior improvements, give Midwest Construction a call today! We offer Insulated Vinyl and Composite Siding. Both products carry a Life Time Non Fade Warranty. We offer a full line of Custom Built EcoSmart Vinyl Replacement Windows and Patio Doors, and All Season and Three Season Sunrooms. Stop into one of our showrooms. You can operate full size window, patio door and door displays, view siding colors, profiles and decorative options or step into our All season Sunroom for that real life sunroom experience.

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