2021 SE 44th Court - Grimes, Iowa 50111                                                                                           1601-South Taft Avenue - Mason City, Iowa 50401

Hampton, Iowa 50441

It's not Barn Red Siding! It's Mountain Berry!

ProVia CedarMax Super Polymer Insulated Siding - Mountain Berry - Double Six Siding installed for Hampton, Iowa Homeowners!

Midwest Construction installed Malarkey Vista AR Shingles Silverwood. The roofing crew finished up, hauled away all of the construction debris.

The siding crew removed the old Masonite fiberboard siding that was installed in the late 1980's when the garage was built.

All outer walls of home and garage where wrapped with house wrap. All windows and doors covered with custom bent aluminum coil stock.

Mountain Berry Double 6 ProVia CedarMax Super Polymer Insulated Siding was installed. The job site was cleaned up daily, and all tools secured.

ProVia CedarMax Super Polymer Insulated Siding can save up to 25% of your homes energy! It’s in writing and backed up by ProVia and Progressive Foam Technologies.

For additional insulation and energy savings we recommend ProFold, another Progressive Foam Product engineered to save energy!

North Iowa Homeowners have a Brand New House with the Same Old Address!

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