Newton, Iowa 50208

Newton, Iowa homeowners hire Midwest Construction to install EcoSmart Replacement Windows and Insulated Vinyl Siding.

The home was built in 1955 with the original single pane prime window with aluminum storm windows. Both window are single pane and still allow all of your energy to go right out the window.

Now more than ever is Energy Efficiency Important! Energy Cost is on the rise here in Iowa 40-90% (Mid-American Energy).

This home will save up to 40% of its Energy Cost with the use of EcoSmart Windows and American Classic Insulated Siding and here is why!

EcoSmart Windows are designed to reduce the energy loss with Double or Triple Glazed glass that decreases the amount of temperature transfer from outside your home to the inside therefore saving energy.

Efficient Glass Design Double- or triple-pane glass units with our high-performance Low-E coatings make our windows more energy efficient. For maximum insulation opt to fill the air space between the panes with argon or krypton gas.

EcoSmart windows are built to resist the heat and cold, offering four-season comfort. Need proof? We meet or exceed the current standards for ENERGY STAR® Version 6.0 requirements in all 50 states and can exceed requirements for the Northern Zone, by up to 48% with select glass packages.

American Classic Insulated Siding protects your homes sidewalls from the outside in.

Check out this video from Progressive Foam: Insulated Siding - Keep the Heat Where It Belongs

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Check out the after photos of this EcoSmart Windows & American Classic Insulated Siding Photos:

EcoSmart Patio Doors & Double Hung Windows:

American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding System - Double Four Smoke - White widow and door trims - White soffit and fascia.

When your home is ready for some exterior home improvements like: New Siding – New Siding – New Doors – All Season Sunroom!

You can give us a call at 1-800-925-6664 to schedule an Exact Cost in home estimate or schedule on-line or simply stop into one of our showrooms and operate full size window displays, check out all of the different siding profiles and colors, or step into our Oasis All season Sunroom attached to our showroom to give you that real life sunroom experience.

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