Everlast Advanced Composite Siding installed for Ankeny, Iowa Homeowners

The home was built in 1988. The homeowner did a great job maintaining the exterior, but at some point the existing siding won that battle. 

The house needed new siding and this Ankeny, Iowa homeowner did his research. He ended up liking the features, advantages and benefits of Everlast Advanced Composite Siding versus Fiber Cement Siding or Engineered Wood Siding/L.P Diamond Coat.

Midwest Constructions siding crew removed all of the existing siding. The walls were inspected and any soft or rotten sheeting was replaced. All of the walls were wrapped in Grip-Tite house wrap and all openings tapped off with Green Guard sealant tape. Both products work to keep any air and/ or water infiltration away from the home.

Everlast 7 inch Advanced Composite Siding was installed to the outer walls of the home. Since Everlast will expand and contract at the same rate as fiber cement siding, Everlast has a Joint Clip System that allows the connected panels to expand and contact together, keeping seems together. Unlike fiber cement siding, whose seams open and close all year long allowing in water and wind.

The Soffit and Fascia System was cover with Double 5 white vinyl soffit and the existing fascia boards covered with custom bent aluminum coil stock and that gives this homeowner’s A Brand New Home at the Same Old Address.

The job site was cleaned up daily and all tools secured!

When your home is ready for some exterior home improvements like: New Siding – New Siding – New Doors – All Season Sunroom!

Your project will be done in a timely professional manner by our well trained crews. Your job site will be cleaned up daily and all tools secured. Each and every one of our crews is insured for your peace of mind and comfort.


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