Patio Door Replacement

Orient, Iowa 50858

Homeowners in Orient, Iowa  hire Midwest Construction to install EcoSmart Patio Doors.

The patio doors had worn out, the glass was not energy efficient, and it was time for new sliding patio doors.

EcoSmart Patio Doors manufactured by Great Lakes Windows, keep interior colors bold and bright. Letting in a little sunshine is great — until it fades everything inside your home. Our windows feature spectrally selective Low-E  coatings that let in the sun’s light while reducing fading by partially reflecting damaging UV rays and acting as a sunscreen for furnishings and floors. The result is a more comfortable home year-round.

Efficient Glass Design: Double- or triple-pane glass units with our high-performance Low-E

coatings make our windows more energy efficient. When we fill the air space between the panes with argon or krypton gas, our windows can reach up to nine times the insulation value of single-pane windows.

Our sliding patio doors open up a world of possibilities for your home. They glide open smoothly, a feature you’ll appreciate when you’re going in and out with your hands full — and close tight with a reassuring three-point locking system for total peace of mind.


Locking Systems: Choose from single, dual, or our unique three-point locking system. Add our optional foot bolt for more security; it can lock even when the door is partially open.

Fiberglass Threshold A heavy-duty fiberglass threshold with a stainless steel roller guide delivers superior strength, resists frost and condensation and makes operating a breeze.

When your home is ready for some exterior home improvements like: New Siding – New Windows – New Doors – All Season Sunroom!

Your project will be done in a timely professional manner by our well trained crews. Your job site will be cleaned up daily and all tools secured. Each and every one of our crews is insured for your peace of mind and comfort.

You can give us a call at 1-800-925-6664 to schedule an Exact Cost in home estimate or schedule on-line or simply stop into one of our showrooms and operate full size window displays, check out all of the different siding profiles and colors, or step into our Oasis All season Sunroom attached to our showroom to give you that real life sunroom experience.


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