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To complement your siding selection, American Classic® Insulated Siding System features a beautiful line of trim accessories. For areas under overhangs that are difficult to refinish, there’s low-maintenance vinyl soffit.

The soffit and fascia, or eaves of your roof, do the important job of protecting your roof, attic, and home. Soffit helps to regulate the humidity and temperature inside your home. ... It also helps to keep unwanted critters, birds, and insects out of your attic. If your soffit and fascia are not properly installed, or if you need to replace them, you could face some unpleasant visitors.

Soffit and fascia aren’t just for practical purposes, though, they also add a visual element to your home, as well. Your soffit gives your home that complete and polished look.

What Are Soffits and Fascia?

Soffits and fascia play an important, if understated, role in your home’s weather protection. These pieces are located along your roof edges, between your gutters and your siding installation.

Here’s exactly where they sit and what they do:

Fascia boards are placed along the roof eaves, laying vertically and facing outward. You can clearly see them from a distance at the curb.

Soffits are placed horizontally, connecting the fascia to the siding. You can see them when you’re standing close to your home and looking upward.

As you can probably tell, soffits and fascia are what tie your home exterior together—not only stylistically but functionally, too. They complete your entire roof, gutter, and siding system to keep water, wind, debris, and rodents out of your Des Moines home. Soffits are often used to provide attic ventilation as well.

When your home is ready for some exterior home improvements like: New Soffit and Fascia - New Windows – New Siding – New Doors – All Season Sunroom

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