Ames, Iowa Homeowners hire Midwest Construction to Install Everlast Advanced Composite Siding. It’s a Brand new home at the same old address!

The home was built in 1978 with cedar siding. The first 20 years the siding held up well. When the oils dried out of the cedar siding, it wouldn’t hold stain so it needed to be maintained every other year.

Midwest Construction’s Lee Sykes met with these homeowners after they visited our website – They were familiar with Midwest Construction as they had watched the testimonial TV and heard the radio spots and made the call to schedule an appointment.

Most homeowners will set aside 1-1.5 hours to meet with our Design Consultant.  Homeowners need to understand our Reps need the time to properly measure and inspect each and every wall on the home for possible problems. They need to check all of the window & door casings and fascia boards for soft or rotten wood so these can be addressed when we install the new siding. While our Rep is out measuring up the project, homeowners have time to inspect the samples, colors and choices of insulation for their project.

Lee sat down with these homeowners after he had all of the measurements. He pointed out some of the problems areas, made the recommendations for those repairs, explained the installation process, answered all of their questions and gave them an exact cost.

Lee Sykes: Senior Design Consultant with Midwest Construction Since 1999

6 weeks later our crew was issued the project and was on the job daily, weather permitting, until it was finished. The job site was cleaned up daily and all tools secured.

Check out the before and after photos:









Everlast Advanced Composite Siding Out Performs Fiber Cement Siding! Check out these features

It’s called Everlast for a reason.

Everlast yields the highest performance and longest lasting good looks of any siding product. It also requires the lowest maintenance, minimizing its environmental impact.


• Longest lasting and fully recyclable materials that never requires painting or caulking

• No wood fibers to absorb or retain moisture that can lead to warping, swelling, or delamination.

• When cut, no harmful silica dust is created as with some fiber cement siding  products

• Contains no organic material that can rot or be attacked by insects


• Backed by an industry-best Limited Lifetime Warranty*

• Will not support combustion

• Superior wind, hail, and impact resistance

• Low-maintenance – occasional cleaning with a garden hose helps maintain its original luster.

Everlast is truly a maintenance free siding product, no need to caulk the joints or but ends of siding were they meet the trim and corner boards, no more hiring a painting contractor every 6-9 years only to have your paint fade and loos the finish that protects the siding.

Everlast siding is highly UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting protection from fading and discoloration. For your peace of mind, Everlast is backed by an industry-best Limited Lifetime Warranty that includes fade protection. So choose the most brilliant and rich hues with absolute confidence.

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