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Siding Replacement

Johnston, Iowa homeowners hire Midwest Construction to replace their siding.

The home was built in 1995 and the siding product installed was a wood fiber/hard board/press board siding.

What is wood fiber/hard board/press board siding?

These products are mainly comprised of wood fibers, flakes or chips that are held together by glues and resins. This type of siding was extremely popular from the 1960’s to early 2000’s as a low cost alternative to other existing house sidings.


Press board & Fiber Cement siding naturally absorb water and swell slightly, but with proper installation and ongoing maintenance that absorption rate can be kept to a safe level. The real trouble occurs from improper installation. Improperly installed hardboard siding can undergo serious deterioration including buckling, rotting, softening, blistering, severe swelling, mildew, and insect infestation. Water passes through improperly caulked joints, sunken nail holes and the cut edges that are located near the ground. Water logged sidings will eventually form bulges, swellings, mildew and finally rot. Direct application of the press board siding onto masonry materials also allows water to seep in easily.

These types of products needed constant maintenance to prevent any damage from season to season.

Nick Westphal met with these Johnston, Iowa homeowners and came up with some maintenance free & energy efficient solutions.  American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding Systems!

Midwest Construction installed American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding featuring a Progressive Foam product called Fullback. Fullback insulation is actually laminated to the back of our premium siding panels to give the panel 400% more impact resistance, 4 times greater R-Value than flat siding underlayment’s, and flat wall lines. You can check out all of the features, benefits and advantages at

Check out the installation process and the before and after photos!

Before: MWC removed all of the press board siding

All outer walls of home have been wrapped with housewrap and window/door tape around all openings.

When the job was completed these homeowners receive a Lifetime Warranty with Lifetime Non-Fade Protection from American Classic Insulated Siding Manufacturer and an additional lifetime warranty from Progressive Foam on delamination and thermal performance, including a Ten year labor warranty.

Check out the before and after photos: Brand New Home at the Same Old Address!

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