Alleman, Iowa 50007

The home was built in 1978 and the siding had been deteriorating for the last 10 years. Repairs were made and fresh paint every 3-4 years to protect the siding from any more damage.

The homeowners called our office after they saw a job sign in the neighbor’s yard. They watched the job as the crew worked; they spoke with the homeowners who hired Midwest Construction and liked what they saw and heard.

The call came into our Grimes office/showroom from these homeowners. They wanted to get the cost for siding on their home. Since Lee Sykes, Senior Design Consultant worked with the neighbors, he was issued this appointment.

Lee spent some time with the homeowners and found out they only wanted to update the front of the home with shake siding. Lee measured up the project and explained the installation process and they picked colors.

The product Lee showed them is Tando Shake:

Here are some photos:




What is Tando

Tando represents the creation of something new and completely different from what the building products industry has come to know as exterior cladding.

Created for Today’s Unique Home Exterior Needs

Tando Building Products were born out of research that shined a light on an unmet need in the marketplace –

Introducing Tando Stone

In the beginning there was stone – beautiful, but bulky, heavy, expensive and difficult to work with. Then came stone veneer – also good looking and while easier to work with than boulders, still bulky, heavy, expensive and limited in terms of its work ability.

Tando Stone:

• Lighter and more workable than stone and stone veneer.

• Proprietary technology and processes that deliver a look and feel that is “as real as it gets.”

• Provides pro-installers with a platform to deliver creative and visually arresting exteriors using conventional tools.

• Proprietary technology for unparalleled durability.

• Quick and easy one-person installation.

• Backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Introducing Tando Shake

In the beginning there was wood – it too was beautiful, but it needed to be maintained to slow (but never completely stop) the effects of Mother Nature.

Then vinyl, fiber cement and finally Tando Shake:

• Easier to install and more workable than other options.

• Tando Shake puts the power of choice and creativity back into the hands of the professional installer. – Architectural style – Texture – Wood stain

• Proprietary technology and processes that deliver a look and feel so real, you’ll want to touch it.

• Proprietary technology for unparalleled durability.

• Backed by an industry-leading warranty.

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