Almost every homeowner has probably experienced painting their home at least once in their lifetime. The side of the home is the easiest to paint, as the walls are vertical but when it comes time to paint your overhang system or soffit and fascia, be prepared to twist, turn and master painting upside down like Leonardo Da Vinci.

The benefit of painting is you can change the color of your home every time the paint wears out. The average paint job last 5-8 years and the average cost range for painting the overhang system is 2-4 K.

Midwest Construction has been improving the exteriors of homes since 1958 and has a better alternative than painting and is a onetime cost, covering your overhang system with a maintenance free materials.

American Classic Vinyl Soffit System with Custom Bent PVC Fused Aluminum Coil Stock is the perfect solution to eliminate painting the soffit and fascia system. All of these materials have been specifically designed to work together as a system and still allow a small constant airflow between the old wood soffit and new vinyl soffit materials. If your fascia board is a standard 6 inch fascia or a 1905 wood fascia with crown molding, Midwest Constructions crews are prolific with a sheet metal brake, PVC fused aluminum coil stock and a Brake Buddy tool to custom bend fascia to closely match.

Some homeowners like to change things up and use white soffit and a different color fascia to add that personal touch.

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