Chad Arndt, met with these homeowners to discuss having the exterior of their home updated.

Chad spent some time with them to get their ideas and what they were looking to achieve. Zero or little maintenance was a priority as was energy savings.

Chad took the time he needed to do proper measurements and inspections to make sure he didn’t miss anything that may cost the homeowners more money in the end. The house was well maintained. Chad didn’t see any real issues and proceeded to go over the materials and installation techniques on siding and window installation.

Once Chad was done explaining those processes he was asked about our Oasis All Season Sunrooms and could one be installed on their home. Chad already had been in the back yard measuring the siding and yes we can install a sunroom on your house!

Midwest Construction installed Double Four Mocha, American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding with white soffit, fascia, window and door wraps.15 EcoSmart replacement windows and a 16 X 12 Oasis All season Sunroom.

American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding has 3 profiles available. Double-Four Clapboard - Double Six - Clapboard and Double - Five Clapboard. All profiles are laminated with Progressive Foam Fullback. Fullback not only adds insulation and water permeability to your siding panel, it also ads strength!

American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding System offers 24 colors all wit Color-Hold Technology offering a Life Time Non Fade Protection.

EcoSmart Windows Feature:

SmartCore Insulated Master and sash Frames - I-Beam & Rigid Core Reinforcement with 5 different Performance Glass Options. EcoSmart Windows come with a Lifetime Seal Failure & Glass Breakage Warranty.

Oasis All Season Sunrooms Manufactured by Joyce is truly ALL SEASON ROOM! 

If your home is ready for some exterior home improvements like:

*Vinyl, Insulated Vinyl, Composite or Fiber Cement siding

*Replacement windows, doors and patio doors


*Gutters & Gutter protection

Then give Midwest Construction a call today and get an exact cost down to the penny for your next project.

With 2 offices, we serve the state of Iowa from border to border. Your project will be done in a timely, professional manner by our well trained crews using the latest in air and water management techniques.

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