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While insulated siding may look the same as regular siding, it is, in fact, leaps and bounds ahead from a quality standpoint.

When you choose Midwest's insulated siding by American Classic, you're choosing:

  • Warmer winters...
  • Cooler summers...
  • Straighter wall lines (which are 400% more impact resistant)...
  • A more resilient, longer-lasting exterior to your home (plus a Lifetime Fade Protection)...

American Classic Siding

Midwest has partnered with American Classic to provide you with the finest siding materials on the market – materials that:

...Are Maintenance-Free:
Keep your American Classic exteriors looking clean and fresh with an occasional rinse. Just think how much time and money you'll save – no scraping; no sanding; no painting!

...Offer Numerous Finishing Options:
Whatever your taste or preference, American Classic gives you plenty of options when it comes to distinguished profiles, beautiful colors and accentuating accessories that make your home truly unique.

...Are Warranted for Performance:
American Classic backs its products with a lifetime warranty and Lifetime Fade Protection – one of the strongest homeowner product performance guarantees in the industry.

...Improve Energy Efficiency:
Thanks to the ProFold insulation that's under your new siding, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home – reducing the heating and cooling costs year-round. Keep heat and cool air where it belongs with American Classic.

...Are Eco-Friendly
Unlike other brands of, American Classic is 100% recyclable and natural – meaning it won't pollute the air with harmful silica dust when you cut it.

For more information on Midwest Construction and products we carry, just give us a call or fill out the quote form below – we'll provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate!

Midwest Construction Reviews

Jerry J.

We were extremely pleased with our installer, Joe. He was excellent and we appreciate his skill in making our home beautiful! Also, thank you for the courteous and professional service from our window installer, Brent!